Friday, August 31, 2007

Fred the Cat and Litter Box Rules

I heard about that senator who was fooling around in the men’s room and got caught by the cops. Stupid thing he did.

If I was in my litter box and another cat stuck his paw in there, it would be the last time he would see that paw. I’d bite it right off. He might also get a face full of litter box contents just for good measure. You absolutely do not mess with any cat while he or she is in the litter box. That’s the first rule of litter box etiquette. No exceptions! What cats want to do elsewhere is their business. A litter box equals privacy.

Here’s your weekend treat. If you haven’t read “Pissing on Paris”, you owe it to yourself to have a good laugh this weekend. Here’s a little hint, Paris is a cat. If you don’t laugh, I’ll refund your catnip. If you laugh until you wet your pants, that’s your problem.

Have a great weekend
Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I’ve learned about public restroom sexual etiquette and what I wonder about

I learned this week that there are sexual codes, signals and gestures that pertain to public restrooms.
I learned if a guy is tapping his foot in a public restroom it means he wants to have sex with whomever occupies the adjacent stall.
I learned that men have “stances”. Senator Craig says he has a “wide stance”. So I must assume other men have medium or narrow stances. I’m curious about the standard used to measure such things.

So I’m thinking, are there also sexual codes, signals and gestures for women in public restroom?
If there are, what are they?
I’m kinda worried that I may have signaled to another woman in a public restroom that I wanted to have sex with her and I didn’t even know it

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not Gay and never been

Senator Larry Craig said, he isn’t gay and has never been gay

He’s not gay, he just sometimes likes to do gayish things.

Best comment I’ve seen so far regarding this incident was by someone using the name, myiq2xuS

One pair of feet per stall.”

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Despicable Men

Gonzo will be officially gone from the white house on Sept. 17. Good! The damage he has done, sadly lives after him.

Yesterday, Michael Vick said he made a mistake when he fought and killed dogs. He also said he has now found Jesus and turned his life over to god.

Michael made no mistake, he committed a hideous crime. He did it more than once and I’m betting he’d still be doing it if he hadn’t been caught. He’s not sorry for what he did, he’s sorry he got caught doing it. As for finding Jesus, most criminals find Jesus in jail, Michael found him on his way to jail. Michael got a head start on that part of being a criminal.

I hope the howls of those dogs, dying in agony, haunt him every night in his sleep for the rest of his miserable life. He deserves nothing less.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dark Side

Let’s step to the dark side for a moment. Which Republican presidential candidate, either declared or undeclared, would make you least apt to want to cut your own throat if they became the next president of the United States? Which one would cause you to consider grabbing the knife immediately?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fred the Cat coming at you fast

I bet you guys are wondering what in the world that picture above depicts. It’s me when I noticed the wrist strap dangling from Pop’s camera. At the same time she snapped the picture, I lunged for the strap. I can be fast when I see something I want.

I practice being fast and sure. It paid off last weekend when the vet people wanted to jab needles into me. I was sure I didn’t want them to and I was fast to let them know that.

I think there are times in life when you have to stand up, growl, bite and claw for your beliefs. Maybe you guys could take a lesson from me. Stand up to your government creatures. Growl at them. Bite and claw for what you believe. Last weekend that approach worked for me.

Here’s a weekend treat

Have a great weekend

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Worst Case Scenario

You wakeup one morning, turn on the TV and hear the following. Terrorist blew up a large building in a major city last night and president bush has declared Martial Law.

Your reaction?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Questions about the miners

So what happens to the miners who are still in the Utah mine? By this time, over two weeks since the mine collapsed, they are most likely dead but will their bodies be left entombed in the mine? Will that be their final resting place? Seems the rescue or recovery efforts have come to an end for now because it’s just too dangerous to continue.

The families surely have a right to be upset, I would be too. They will forever wonder what happened after the mine swallowed their loved ones and now it looks as though they’ll never know.

That mine should be closed to any further mining and that awful man, Bob Murray, should never have another night of peaceful sleep in his life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh jeez, Fred!

Because we didn’t get back from our overnight trip Saturday before the vet’s office closed, we weren’t able to pick up Murphy and Fred the Cat until yesterday morning. Mr. Pop picked them up before he went in to work.

When he came back home with them, around eight thirty, he had a story to tell. Seems Fred the Cat decided he wasn’t in the mood for shots and the ID chip. Apparently he threw a serious cat fit that scared the hell out of everyone there. No one could touch him or hold him. He was all claws and teeth. Nope, he’d have no part of any of it. Everyone who works at the vet’s was afraid of him.

So now we have to reschedule his appointment and perhaps stay there and help them hold him in order to get the job done.

When we took his carrier out on the patio he came out cooing and rubbing against us. Calm as can be. He seems to have two personalities. When he’s away, he’s Fred the Terrible Devil Cat. When he’s home, he’s Fred the Sweetheart Cooing Cat.

I’m telling you this about him because I don’t know if he will fess up to this or not when he posts Friday.

I understand Michael Vick it going to plead guilty to the charges against him. Let’s hope the judge puts his ass in jail a long time. Now would be the time for the NFL to also give him the boot.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Change of Plan

I had planned to rant and rave about the Karl Rove interviews yesterday, but that can wait. Today I am much more concerned about everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Dean. Along with all the beauty, Mother Nature can also create some frightening times.

We here at the Pop nest are thinking about everyone in the path of the hurricane and we understand their fears and anxieties. This is a frightening time for everyone facing the approach of such a powerful hurricane. We know the aggravation, anxiety and dread that is felt when you know a storm like this is headed your way. We have experienced those emotions three times in the last three years and we know exactly how you’re feeling, it isn’t good.

If you or any of your friends and family are in the path of Hurricane Dean, we just want to let you know that we are thinking of you and them and hoping for everyone’s safety before, during and after the storm.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fred the Economics Cat

Hey guys, What’s up? I know what’s down.

If you guys own stocks you probably had a bad hit this past week. Okay, so you are worth less financially than you were. Now as a result of bad loans in the past, mortgage loans are more difficult to obtain. Around here there are lots of new houses for sale and they have been on the market a long time. There are also a lot of pre-owned houses in the same shape. So how are these homes ever going to move when people have less money and mortgages are more difficult to get?

Meanwhile, foreclosures are up everywhere. Where are those people who lost their homes going to live? Their credit is ruined for a long time so they aren’t going to be getting a mortgage and buying a home anytime soon. Dudes, you guys are in a heck of a mess.

On a personal note, this weekend Murphy and I are going for a sleepover at the vet’s. I’m also going to get some shots (no, not tequila shots, the kind that come in a needle) I also heard that I’m going to get chipped.

You guys have a great weekend. Not too sure how mine is going to go. Wish me luck!

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Declare them “Terrorist”, then what and why?

If the US government declares the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a “terrorist” organization does that then open the door to bombing Iran under the name of fighting the war on terror? Is that the reason for doing this? If not, why do it?

“If imposed, the declaration would signal a more confrontational turn in the administration’s approach to Iran and would be the first time that the United States has added the armed forces of any sovereign government to its list of terrorist organizations.”

Could it be that Cheney and Rove disagreed over doing this?
“But in recent months, there has been resurgent debate within the administration about whether the diplomatic path is working, with aides to Vice President Dick Cheney said to be among those pushing for greater consideration of military options.”

Rove’s job was to protect the president’s reputation and his party’s as well. Perhaps Rove realized that to attack Iran right now was not going to sit well with the majority of his party and surely would do nothing for the president’s already dismal legacy. Did Rove offer bush an ultimatum and bush sided with Cheney?

Source for quotes NYT

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Neglect, the bane of our country

Parts of the Gulf Coast remain the way they were when Katrina’s last winds blew through. A large old bridge falls apart. Human beings are dead or dying deep down in the earth where a mine collapsed. The space shuttle is out in space, held together with spit, duct tape and hope, and it’s damaged.

FEMA trailers are sitting unused because they are haunted with formaldehyde. Floridians have been told that if a big hurricane should hit our state there will be trailers but they are too dangerous to be used. FEMA says they will be looking for vacant apartment buildings to house anyone who might need them. They also said they may be able to make tents available as needed. What they didn’t say was whether these available apartments would still be standing after a hurricane passes through or even where they might be located.

Seems to me our country, or as the administration likes to refer to it, “our homeland”, is a mess. The only security this administration seems to be concerned about is keeping “terrorists” out. What about the problems we have within our country? We may have homeland security from terrorists, but what about our own insecurity due to the neglect of our country? When will we get around to talking about that? Are we going to wait until everything goes to hell before we realize that we need a war on neglect, right here, right now.

With the high cost of installing a burglar alarm in our country we neglected to fix the dilapidated roof, the worn and faulty wiring and the antiquated plumbing. What good is security if you’ve nothing to secure? It’s time to become sensible countrymen and women once again. Nothing neglected ever gets better.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Karl left. Why?

Okay, so Karl Rove will be gone after this month. So what? He is freer now to come to the aid of any and all Republican candidates in the 08 elections. His hand will still be there to poison the soup. He can practice his attacks on the Democrat candidates at will and with all his energy. Sure, he’ll take a couple of months off and “be with his family” but then he’ll be just a phone call away from any Republican candidate who needs a political hit man.

The question is, did bush release him so he can help a particular candidate? My guess is if he did, it’s either Rudy or Thompson. Thompson hasn’t committed to running yet. Was he waiting for Rove?

I hope the reason Rove is leaving now is because he knows his phone number is on the DC Madam’s list and that tidbit is about to be made public. It sure would be a lot more fun than the other reasons I’ve mentioned, wouldn’t it?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saving the Children, Christian Style

Who? A fifteen year old girl
What? Tied behind a van with a rope and dragged on her stomach.
Why? For falling behind the group during a morning run
When? June 12, 2007
Where? Love Demonstrated Ministries, Banquette, Texas. A Christian Boot Camp for at-risk teens.

Next question. WTF is being done these days in the name of religion?

Sources here and here

Speaking of strange religious things. The three Republican presidential candidates, Huckabee, Brownback, and Tancredo, who said they did not believe in evolution, came in second, third, and fourth in the Iowa straw poll Saturday. Does that send a chill up your spine?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Too Hot, Baby!

Bring me the humans who deny global warming. I have claws and I know how to use them.

It’s hot down here in Fred the Cat’s, Florida and I know it’s even hotter elsewhere. Being a feline I have insulation through my fur, but you guys got nothing to insulate you. How do you guys stay cool?

Still, even for me, it’s too hot. It’s too hot to play. It’s too hot to tear the screens. It’s just too hot to do anything but snooze. Being a cat, I am a professional snoozer. Speaking of snoozing, I need a nap.

For a weekend bonus here are some pictures of a cute little chick and family. Be sure and click on the all the pictures to see the family up close and personal.

Have a cool weekend if you can.

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Mr. Pop and I have a few charities that we feel strongly about. We make generous donations to these charities frequently. One of these charities is bugging me and here’s why.

As I said we make donations on our own schedule. But this one charity seems to be spending all my donation money on things to send me to ask for more money. Last year I received numerous return address labels from them and all the labels had my address wrong even though the envelope they came in had my address right. I also received numerous packs of greeting cards with envelopes from them. I received two umbrellas and two tee shirts as well, plus a calendar. With each of these “gifts” came a request for another donation.

I feel like this particular charity is wasting the money I donate. They are buying basically junk, sending that junk to me and then asking me to make another donation for that junk. This isn’t why I make my donations to them and I refuse to make a donation for “gifts” I did not ask for or want. All the things I listed above went to the thrift shop except of course the return address labels.

I’m starting to question my judgment in supporting this very well known organization.
Any thoughts?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Little Box Turtles have to eat too

This little box turtle, along with another one, show up in our backyard every morning. They nudge over ND-Anna’s food bowl and chow down on the remaining cat food.

For anyone who doesn’t know who ND-Anna is, she is a little feral cat that appears at our screen door each morning and chats with Fred the Cat while waiting for me to give her cat food kibbles and a little can of cat food. After she eats what she wants, along come the two hungry box turtles for their breakfast.

Ours is a peaceful kingdom. Thank goodness there is peace somewhere.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Something I never thought I would feel

Anyone who doesn’t think our country has gone way down the wrong road and is still going at breakneck speed just isn’t paying attention or just doesn’t care. In my life I never thought I would say this, but lately I find myself thinking, thank goodness I am as old as I am. I know this sounds selfish as hell but I’m just not sure I want to be around to see how this story ends.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Vacancies at the Home of the Brave

This weekend some Democrats gave in to the bush NSA demand. They seemed to be afraid of being called soft on terrorism if they did not. In my opinion they aren’t soft on terrorism, they’re soft on democracy.

To hell with any Democrat who voted once more in support of the king’s demands. I have been somewhat supportive of some things they have done in the past, but this was the last straw. Out with the old and out with the weak! There are some vacancies at the home of the brave. They must be filled with people who qualify, not people who are fearful of Republican name calling.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I was framed, I tell ya!

Fred the cat here and I’ve decided to take a page from bush’s book. I’m just denying everything.

The reason the orchid pot was knocked over and broken was because it was placed somewhere it shouldn’t have been.

The reason the cosmic catnip toy was in the pool is because someone built the pool where it shouldn’t have been.

The reason I kicked sand all around my litter box was because someone filled the box too full of sand.

Hey, this is easy. Do something wrong and just blame it on someone else. Of course the damage is still there but if you explain away your responsibility, you can walk away cloaked in denial.

Who am I kidding? Not you and not me. Even a cat can’t stoop that low. We take responsibility for our successes and our failures, otherwise we couldn’t be the proud species that we are.

Excuse the expression but we cats would rat out any of our kind that was irresponsible. Do you guys know how to do that? Point to the individual, show his wrong doings and then chase his ass out of town! How hard is that? You might want to give it a try.

Have a great weekend

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Same old Same old

I tried to watch some of the hearing yesterday regarding the death of Pat Tillman. After I heard Rumsfeld utter the Republican motto, “ I don’t recall”, three times, I turned it off. I couldn’t take anymore.

Later from TV I heard that Rumsfeld denied there was a cover up of the way Tillman died. No surprise there.

Does anyone trust Rumsfeld, even under oath, to tell the truth? Is there any one elected public official in DC, in the Republican party, or any member of this administration, you would trust to tell the truth at this point?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What is her name?

Yesterday we had a new hurricane resistant garage door installed here at the Pop nest. The gentleman who installed the door told me he was taking Spanish lessons. He said he was learning via a course in ordered. He said, “It’s that course by that lady. I can’t remember her name. Oh, what is her name?” He thought for a minute and said, “Oh yeah, her name is Rosetta Stone.”