Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It’s Soggy Down Here

We have had seven or eight inches of rain in the last 24 hours. We never lost power but the flickering on and off prohibited me from feeling secure about cranking up the computer.

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and messages. It sure did feel good to read them this morning.

Yesterday seemed like one of the longest days ever. It was dark, windy and raining all day. The sky never seemed to change. So what to do on a day such as that? Yep, crawl up on the bed and sleep to your heart’s content. That’s what I did. Fred on the other hand spent most of the day protesting Mother Nature for not allowing him to have his nap in the sunshine.

Again, thank you for being such sweet friends. It means a lot, to know that there are people who I have never met who are thinking about us on days like yesterday.


Blogger Distributorcap said...

just glad you are OK (and Fred will manage....)

that seemed like a slow moving storm -- hopefully the damage was minimal to everyone.

August 20, 2008 2:11 AM  
Blogger Fixer said...

Keep yer heads down. Hope you guys make it through without tsurrus.

August 20, 2008 2:37 AM  
Blogger FranIAm said...

Ah yes - the gift of friendship via blogging is a great one. We are all connected in thought and that is indeed a beautiful thing.

While I am sorry Fred could not go out, I am very glad that it was not a huge storm.

August 20, 2008 4:46 AM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

Glad to hear you dodged the bullet and only got a little soggy. Madam and I are back just in time.

August 20, 2008 4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that all is well..PoP. I know this is bad, "but the sun'll come out tomorrow..." heh heh. Seriously, I'm glad you, Mr. PoP and Fred are fine. :^)

August 20, 2008 5:28 AM  
Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Glad things are ok and you managed to sleep to your heart's content. I have a long list of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms that I have slept through, if its just rain and you have a forced day off, what better way to spend it?

August 20, 2008 5:49 AM  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

My stepdaughter and stepson live in the Tampa/StPete area, they're battening down today.

So good to hear you didn't sustain damage.

August 20, 2008 6:35 AM  
Blogger Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm glad to hear you're still alive. Stay dry and be well!

August 20, 2008 6:45 AM  
Blogger niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Here's hoping Fred (and his people) are staying dry. I hope all goes well.

August 20, 2008 7:04 AM  
Blogger Randal Graves said...

Glad that you guys didn't get swept away into the sea, ending up at Guantanamo as an enemy combatant.

August 20, 2008 7:07 AM  
Blogger dguzman said...

Sleeping through it is the best way to make it through a tropical storm. Glad it wasn't a Katrina-level one, and here's hoping we don't get any of those this season or any other.

August 20, 2008 7:10 AM  
Blogger robin andrea said...

Glad to hear you made it through the worst of it. Your description of an unchanging gray sky sounds like everyday in the pacific northwest.

August 20, 2008 7:51 AM  
Blogger Sherry said...

i gave you a "kick ass" blogger award!

it's at my place cause i am computer challenged and suck at all that linking stuff.

glad you guys are o.k!

August 20, 2008 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phew! Good news. Glad you used the day for good things.

August 20, 2008 12:32 PM  
Blogger Forty Paws said...

Sleeping in is an admirable gesture. Too bad Fred didn't try it with you!

Luf, Us

August 20, 2008 12:52 PM  
Blogger an average patriot said...

Stay dry guys! My family is in and around Cocoa and they say it is fine but I understand flooding is quite an issue in some areas. Good luck!

August 20, 2008 3:20 PM  
Blogger two crows said...

oh, PoP--
Fay is the storm that never ends, isn't she?

here in the tampa bay area, as these things so often do, she just veered away. and flooded everywhere else. sorrreeeee. =(

I'm just glad you were able to sleep through. tell Fred I'm sorry too, ok?

August 20, 2008 5:27 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

glad all you guys are ok.

August 20, 2008 7:05 PM  
Blogger Mauigirl said...

Glad to hear you're OK - hope the rain doesn't cause any major floods for you all. Thinking of you!

August 20, 2008 8:39 PM  

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