Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Unexpected Surprise

Part of our weekday morning routine here at the Pop homestead is our telling Mr. Pop goodbye as he leaves for work. Since Murphy the dog has a bit of a memory problem he has to see Mr. Pop get in his truck as he leaves. If Murphy doesn’t see this, he spends the whole day looking around the house trying to find Mr. Pop.

So yesterday morning I hooked Murphy’s leash to his collar and outside we went. We, Murphy and I, were watching as Mr. Pop loaded his briefcase and gym bag into the truck. Mr. Pop looked toward the sky and said, “Look!”. I looked up to see a very large bird flying our way. At first I thought it was just a vulture flying very low, but as it flew over our yard I realized what we were seeing. It was an bald eagle.

Because it was flying so low there was no doubt of it’s identity. The white head and white tail were very easy to see.

We know there are bald eagles not too many miles from here, but having one fly over our yard and grace us with its beauty was a totally unexpected surprise and one wonderful way to start any day.


Blogger MichaelBains said...

GOOD morning!


November 13, 2007 3:03 AM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

I'm jealous. What a great way to start the day. When you think how close they came to extinction and how we have managed to bring them back from the edge it makes it very special.

November 13, 2007 3:55 AM  
Blogger niCk (Mem Beth) said...


We used to see bald eagles when we lived near the Chesapeake Bay, but only sitting on their nests, I don't think I've seen one in flight, other than bird shows at zoos or parks.

November 13, 2007 4:34 AM  
Blogger Sherry said...

too cool!

November 13, 2007 5:12 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

The native americans tell us that kind of visit is a definite sign of something -

Better times coming fer sure!

November 13, 2007 5:16 AM  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Living in Chicago, that's not something I will ever see here, but my husband has seen them while camping in Canada and he's just in awe everytime one flies overhead. He's never seen one that low before, though. You are one lucky gal. Maybe it's a sign...our country and our Constitution may seem on the verge of extinction, but it's not...we still have hope.

I know...that sounds sappy, but I need something to hang on to!

That is the cutest story about Murphy! My husband never leaves the house in the morning before giving our dog her morning belly rub. I remember the days when I was the one who got the morning attention. Sigh.

November 13, 2007 5:52 AM  
Blogger FranIAm said...

That is astounding!

Thanks - this has made my day!

November 13, 2007 6:20 AM  
Blogger Forty Paws said...

That is a sure sign of hope in our humble opinion.

Luf, Us

November 13, 2007 6:35 AM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

a very nice way to begin a day.


November 13, 2007 6:54 AM  
Blogger roger said...

thanks to murphy.

November 13, 2007 7:08 AM  
Blogger robin andrea said...

That's the thing about seeing eagles. There is no doubt. There's nothing else like it with that white head and tail. What a great way to start the day.

November 13, 2007 7:21 AM  
Blogger Jim Yeager said...

I've seen a few bald eagles sort of close up. What stunned me more than anything was the length of their wingspans. Seeing that in a photo is one thing; seeing it as one of them flies overhead is almost unnerving. Those birds are big. and beautiful...

November 13, 2007 7:43 AM  
Blogger TheCultureGhost said...


I've never seen one in the wild (or if I have, I didn't recognize/realize it). Very cool.

November 13, 2007 8:36 AM  
Blogger Jazz said...

Oh nice...

Is Murphy searching the sky for bald eagles now?

November 13, 2007 8:44 AM  
Blogger dguzman said...

Great yardbird, and a great way to start your day. Way to go Mr. Pop for spotting the baldie.

I'm also wondering whether Murphy is now on the lookout for baldies.

November 13, 2007 8:55 AM  
Blogger TaraDharma said...

Murphy is too cute...I once had a dog named Murphy - a black lab.

very cool about the eagle sighting...did you hear its giant wing woosh?

November 13, 2007 8:59 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Very cool! A friend of mine used to tell me they go after cats, but maybe he was just trying to freak me out...
We occasionally see them around Seattle, but usally they're way up high, riding thermals. Some time ago, when Green Lake, a small body of water in a nearby park, used to freeze, I saw a couple of eagles working on pulling a dead fish from a hole in the ice. They are

November 13, 2007 10:22 AM  
Blogger Weaseldog said...

They will eat cats and small dogs.

I just get red tailed and chicken hawks. My backyard menagerie goes into a tizzy when they perch in the oak tree above the chickens.

we used to have great horned owl in the neighborhood, but I haven't seen it in a few years.

November 13, 2007 10:44 AM  
Blogger fashiongirl said...

Weren't you just amazed by it's sheer size? I've only seen them in Alaska, but they are BIG!

November 13, 2007 1:17 PM  
Blogger TomCat said...

They are beautiful. Great luck!

November 13, 2007 1:17 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

I am so jealous! I love the Eagle! so majestic!

November 13, 2007 4:08 PM  
Blogger Aaron A. said...

And it wasn't even on the bumper sticker or the rear window of a pick-em up truck.

Your Lucky.

November 13, 2007 7:02 PM  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

I agree with Tom Cat here. It means Good Fortune for you ahead!!!

November 13, 2007 8:01 PM  
Blogger sumo said...

The same thing happened to Mr. Sumo as we landed in Juneau, Alaska. It was surreal...his destiny...to be there at that moment as if the bird knew he would be waiting for him. Mr. Sumo was speechless. Started off our vacation very nicely.

November 13, 2007 11:37 PM  
Blogger Mauigirl said...

That's wonderful! I've only seen a bald eagle once, and it wasn't that easy to see as it was up above some branches. A friend of ours had them nesting on her property.

I'm glad we're not the only family where, when the husband departs for the day, both the wife and the dog have to come say goodbye.

November 14, 2007 7:19 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

so beautiful....and according to Native Beliefs it is a Messege, Majestic....High Honor....They believe that if you are visited by a Large Bird of Prey- falcon or eagle...that you are blessed.....

so good that you saw together....with Murphy....

November 14, 2007 8:12 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

Bald eagles are wonderful to see! Snavette and I are avid birdwatchers, and we often see Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles around the remote area in which we live.

We have a lot of wild turkeys around here too. I'm glad America didn't take Benjamin Franklin's suggestion and make the TURKEY the national bird! Turkeys are fascinating birds, but they have a herd mentality and they have those ugly, naked pink and blue heads... scheise!!

November 15, 2007 10:15 AM  

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