Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Could the Democrats do Worse? I don’t see how.

Often we hear, “What would the Democrats do about the war?” Well how about this answer? How about the Democrats say they would have a Secretary of Defense who knew something about the right way to fight a war. He or she would make changes in the way we are handling all aspects of this war. Winning would be the goal, not a pipedream. Experience counts.

Can Democrats keep the country safe? Yes they can and they will not waste lives and money on wars such as the one in Iraq. Democrats will fight back if attacked but they won’t create false causes to allow our soldiers to be killed and maimed.

Asking Democrats to clean up bush and rumsfeld’s debacle is akin to a friend convincing you to let him borrow your car. He takes your car and he wrecks the hell out of it and kills a family. Then he casually calls you to ask you what you are going to do about it.

Bush has admitted that the job of ending the Iraq war will be determined by a future president. Isn’t he telling us he has no intention of ending it on his watch? So what is the Republican plan? Are we to continue to send our soldiers over there as cannon fodder for the next two years? Democrats should let everyone know loud and clear that is not acceptable.

A regime change is long overdue in America. There are still merits to keeping the peace.

From today’s New York Times

“An average of more than 110 Iraqis were killed each day in July, according to the figures. The total number of civilian deaths that month, 3,438, is a 9 percent increase over the tally in June and nearly double the toll in January.”

This is just one result of the Republican “plan”.


Blogger glenda said...

The Republican plan is no plan, no exit strategy, constantly being surprised that their methods do not work, and finally leaving the country in a bloodbath, which is inevitable.
The death toll on both sides is unforgiveable.

August 16, 2006 3:53 AM  
Blogger Time said...

I wouldn't believe it possible to screw up Iraq worse than it already is, but politicians never cease to amaze me.

August 16, 2006 4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When it's all over and King George is out of office - I am not going to dance and sing - I'm going to sleep like a baby for 24 hours straight.

August 16, 2006 4:20 AM  
Blogger spadoman said...

That's the problem beltway b@stard, I haven't slept a full nights sleep since I went to Vietnam.

With this lie of a war going on, I sleep less than the two or three hours a night I used to get before Iraq.

August 16, 2006 5:15 AM  
Blogger Peacechick Mary said...

I hope we can find someone to run who can say exactly what you have said. Send this in to the Dems or maybe we should just run you for office! A vote for PoP is a vote for Peace and Sanity.

August 16, 2006 6:24 AM  
Blogger JM said...

The only thing this administration has excelled at is Orwellian rhetoric. A very apt analogy, but made more frightening when you consider he stole the car-keys the first time and after denting the car badly, we gave him the keys one more time. Time to revoke the driving privileges.

August 16, 2006 6:28 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

It really aggravates me that most of the elected Dems are so afraid of losing financial support that they won't stand up to the name calling. By letting the right define the terms, they become believable by the general public.

I would give my eye teeth to see one Dem totally lose it on the Senate floor and have a complete conniption fit over the latest right wing hyprocracy or lie.

August 16, 2006 7:16 AM  
Blogger Sothis said...

It has sickened me how Bush has bragged about bringing democracy to Iraq while destroying it at home. There never was a viable plan for Iraq--that war was in his mind before he ever got into the White House; the Administration lied its way into invading Iraq.

Can the Dems do any better? They can't do any worse--plus a regime change may allow the US a grace period to regain some of the friends it lost when Idiot Boy became president.

August 16, 2006 7:50 AM  
Blogger BrotherCurmudgeon said...

Funny, I feel an odd sense of satisfaction to hear that I am not THE ONLY Vietnam Vet who has experienced troubled sleep for all these years.

Welcome home spadoman.

August 16, 2006 8:09 AM  
Blogger Ole Blue The Heretic said...

The Democrats, having more of those Elite intellectuals than the stupublicans, will fight the war psycologicly so that they can win the hearts and minds of people instead of making them very angry so that they hate the US.

If you slap a person in the face many times they will hate you. If you give them food and water they will learn to love you.

August 16, 2006 9:22 AM  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

The total number of [Iraqui] civilian deaths that month, 3,438...

... is more than we lost on 9/11, and their population is what, 1/10 of ours??? And they have been subjected to this, month after month, for more than 3 years?

I'm just surprised they aren't threatening to eat our babies.

August 16, 2006 10:03 AM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Okay here is what I don't get spoke this so simply and so eloquently- have we heard any democrats do that ? I mean it really ? Ned- and did any other elected come and join him- really join him ? no...We need people like you speaking the Truth- and speaking it daily....I am sick of smallballed wonders representing us...and not standing up for us or the soldiers eating sand or the Iraqis burying their dead over and over.....Bushco must be tried and impeached and imprisoned for the Criminal Regime they are...and the sooner the better...okay nuf said...

August 16, 2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger Time said...


Paul Wellstone used to fit that position so well. I loved it when he used to come on the floor and just start screaming.

August 16, 2006 12:06 PM  
Blogger Chancelucky said...

It's very odd to me. I've seen some from the right complain that the Democrats do nothing but criticize the war without proposing clear plans to fix it.

To extend your analogy a little, it's like the friend who takes your car, crashes it, refuses to show it to you or tell you everything about what he did to it, then claims you shouldn't have it back because you have no clear plan to fix it.

August 16, 2006 12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Republicans don't have a plan. They don't even have a "pl". That said, I agree chancelucky...great analogy!

August 16, 2006 1:05 PM  
Blogger vanillabirdies said...

The analogy is perfect. If in fact this was the game Monopoly and we could go back to the beginning of the board to choose either college or work. In this case war or sanity.

The democrats get to clean up after the frat party.

Perhaps if we could go back to the beginning of the madness and just split all the work in half we'd see exactly what would happen. Imagine if there were two seperate realities. The republicans and the democrats...that would be interesting lol

110 iraquis killed a day. How heinous. What kind of plan is that?

August 16, 2006 1:09 PM  
Blogger Will said...

This plan shouldn't surprise anyone. One thing that the Republicans have always been good at is planning for their future. By openly admitting that they are leaving this mess for the next president, they are conceding that they don't have a strong candidate for the '08 elections. Thus, a democrat will most likely be faced with repairing the damage Bushco did. When they fail to do so, the Republicans will leap on it (conveniently forgetting that it is their mess to start with) and push a new Republican into office after one term.

August 16, 2006 1:37 PM  
Blogger an average patriot said...

wow! I guess we all do think alike. Good post! I just wanted to make sure you knew I responded to your comment and now I will go check that link.
Thanks POP
I didn't see it but I will now, thanks! I hope they have enough evidence to try those people. They must be able to finagle something. We can't allow that stuff to go "unrewarded"
What stinks is you know Bush did that only to use it politically which he likes to accuse everyone else of doing. He is scum!
If you read the whole post you know I have come to the conclusion that this whole terrorism thing seems to be a set up to keep the repugs in office.
We can not survive much more. we must do everything possible and get them out in the fall.
Bush has made a hell of a mess here, in the middle east, and around the world. a lot of his damage ecpecially in the middle east and around the world will not be stopped but will have to be allowed to run its terrible course.
Thanks again for the link Pissed off Patty! that's funny, I should have called myself pissed off Jim

August 16, 2006 4:28 PM  
Blogger thepoetryman said...

Bush has no plan to do anything about Iraq, save for make sure we lose more men and women and more Iraqi's die. The permanent bases are called such for a reason. Shame on this country for our apathy and shame on Bush et al for their hubris!

It is sad and the only fix is new leadership to fix what the incompetent group has broken. Fixing it requires a complete overhaul of our miserable foreign policy and attempting to erase what's been done since 1957.

Tall mountain but scalable.

August 16, 2006 4:42 PM  
Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...


You beat me to it. I agree, they always plan ahead for the attack.

August 16, 2006 5:09 PM  
Blogger DivaJood said...

Follow the money. It leads back, consistently, to Halliburton, Bechtel - Cheney.

There is no need for an exit strategy if your only concern is increasing your personal wealth.

August 16, 2006 5:23 PM  
Blogger Keir said...

People, don't hate me, but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by the post and comments today. I really hope we all know better than to call moving from one of the unaccountable business parties to another "regime change". Yes, the Bush Administration is a sinister force that must be brought down, but its violence abroad and rollbacks of civil liberties at home have largely been enabled by the legislative branch, which ought to have refused to sign a single check for the stolen presidency's backward policies. (Remember: every last Democratic senator and 410 of 418 representatives voted to support Bush's stance of doing nothing while Lebanon was savaged this summer.)

Furthermore, if people do like they did in '92---like beltway b@stard suggests he'll do in '08---we will get what we deserve. Bush II is everyone's punishment for breathing a huge sigh of relief while Clinton was in office. Only the Neo-cons were busy in the '90's.

August 16, 2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger windspike said...

regiem change long over due? Now there's an understatement.

August 16, 2006 5:32 PM  
Blogger Lew Scannon said...

The trouble is, they don't wish to stop just at Iraq. Not having learned their lesson yet, the neofascists wish to take on Iran and Syria too. It's all part of their plan to remake the whole middle east.

August 16, 2006 5:46 PM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

The reality is that the Bush crowd has started a truck rolling downhill. No matter who(hopefully a Dem) gets elected we have a lot of momentum to kill just to stop the truck. Getting the truck back to the top is another problem altogether. The next administration will be lucky to stop the truck. Bush has unleashed hell on earth and miracles are going to be needed to reverse it.

August 16, 2006 6:37 PM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Fallenmonk, I fear, is absolutely correct.

The conditions existent right now should remind one of nothing as much as the late-80s Soviet Union.

-Unpopular, unwinnable, costly war.

-Heavy foreign indebtedness.

-Significant "minority" populations chafing at the hostility of the center.

The end doesn't look promising to me.

August 16, 2006 7:37 PM  
Blogger beachblogger said...

thanks to hate radio, the swifties and roveco: republicans and conservatives can be convinced to vote for the eviler of two evils. dumb is the new smart. war is the new peace. but you know what, just like the burger i had for lunch, this too shall pass.

August 16, 2006 7:51 PM  
Blogger Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker said...

Now, I may be old-fashioned (that is, if America-loving is old-fashioned,) but when did quitting become a "plan?"

Did George Bush quit on his reserve unit when the going got tough? Did Cheney quit Halliburton when profits merely doubled? Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

If the best the Democrats can offer America is a platform of cowardice, well, give me a good old-fashioned quagmire anytime!

August 16, 2006 8:16 PM  
Blogger GraemeAnfinson said...

With the stakes this high, the Democrats can make a huge difference

August 17, 2006 12:16 AM  
Blogger JBlue said...

It just infuriates me that some people think we're keeping the country safe by wasting the lives of our young people and heaping misery on the Iraqis.

August 17, 2006 2:58 PM  
Anonymous Libby said...

The only way it could be worse than this is if Bush declares martial law and decides to name himself president for life - or the end of the world as we know it, which could happen before the end of his term if somebody doesn't put a leash on him.

August 17, 2006 8:35 PM  
Blogger John Good said...

A caller I heard today on Air America stated that if we didn't pull off a turnabout in the mid-terms, that he was going to drive straight to DC and sit on the White House grounds. He figures that if several million of us do this, we can effectively shut down DC, and bring about some change in a revolutionary sort of way. . .

August 18, 2006 6:45 PM  
Blogger Steve Bates said...

What an excellent post, PoP... you just nabbed a spot in this week's banner quote on the Yellow Doggerel Democrat. Thank you.

August 20, 2006 12:11 PM  

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