Thursday, September 16, 2010

Island Dog

Island Dog, also known as Martini, relaxes poolside at Panama City Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.


Blogger Matty Boy said...

Very nicely groomed and he looks like a real charmer.

September 16, 2010 7:37 AM  
Blogger Sewmouse said...

Lookin' good! Martini and Fred's "Mom" takes great photos of them!

September 16, 2010 10:37 AM  
Blogger TaraDharma said...

oh, island dog, are you thirsty? do you need a bowl of water? let me just get that for you....

September 16, 2010 2:04 PM  
Blogger Mauigirl said...

How adorable is he!!!

September 16, 2010 3:27 PM  

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