Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emotional Flip-Flop? Perhaps

Since Mr. Pop is away on a two day business trip, last night it was just Martini and me here in the house. Fred the Cat was tucked away in his room snoozing. I had been playing with Martini until he ran out of fuel and was curled up by my side on the bedroom floor. Usually when he gets tired he crawls in his bed and he’s a goner. But for some reason he wanted to sleep beside me on the floor until I went to bed. I was looking at him all curled up and so content. Then a thought hit me out of the blue.

In Martini’s previous life he was the only dog until his owner decided to bring another little dog into the family. From that point on Martini was pretty much ignored and finally abandoned at the owner’s vet’s office. Does he remember that? I don’t know and no one does, but could I take the chance that he might? No, in my heart, I can’t.

After giving it serious and deep thought, I knew what I had to do. I withdrew my application to the Yorkie organization. It wasn’t fair to have that other little dog’s future tied up when another family might come along that could give her as good a life as I could. From what the organization had told me, the little dog was as good as mine when all her requirements were meant.

I feel that it might have been fun for us to have another little dog, but it wasn’t all about us. Martini’s life must be considered as well as the future of the other little dog. I have learned that when there are doubts, there are probably good reasons for those doubts. So yes, I had an emotional flip-flop but in this case I believe with all my heart it was the best thing to do for all concerned.


Blogger Fixer said...

Good on ya, darlin'.

October 21, 2009 2:48 AM  
Blogger isabelita said...

This seems like a reasonable thing to do. From what I've seen of dogs of friends and neighbors over the years, the dogs appear to remember bad experiences vividly.
Pets often apear to relish being an "only", in the best of circumstances.
Have fun with that little dog, and be sure to give Fred good lovin', too!

October 21, 2009 10:39 AM  
Blogger Sewmouse said...

Good on you for making what must have been a tough decision. I know people keep asking me about whether I'll be getting another pet soon, and I know I just can't do it now.

When one pet is "needy", bringing another one in who will also need attention and care isn't likely your best option. Do pat Fred tho - he hasn't been writing lately and I miss him.

October 21, 2009 12:59 PM  
Blogger dguzman said...

You know, I know lots of dogs who are wonderful "only" dogs; they go nuts only when another dog tries to join the pack. It seems like bringing in another pup would just remind Martini of his former life, and he sure doesn't deserve that.

You'll just have to concentrate all your lovin' on Fred and Martini; I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

October 27, 2009 5:58 PM  
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