Friday, March 13, 2009

Ah, Spring will soon be here

For me, as a feline, that means I will be shedding this beautiful fluffy coat I have been wearing all winter. There will enough hair to make three coats for Martini.

For Mr. Pop that will mean mowing the lawn more often and planting all sorts of plants.

For Pop that will mean she will be putting little bowls of gardenias all over the house.

I don’t know what it will mean for Martini as this is his first Spring with us. He probably won’t even notice the change of seasons as all he does is chase his toy ball and squeak those damn squeaky toys Pop buys for him.

Spring is such a great time. New life begins all around. Baby birds, flowers and warmer air every day. To steal a line from a song, “Who could ask for anything more?”

Have a great weekend and if you like, tell me what Spring means to you.

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys!)


Blogger Fixer said...

Calling the "dust mop" by his name now, Fred? I knew you couldn't hold out for long. Heh ...

March 13, 2009 3:00 AM  
Blogger Fixer said...

And spring means more things on my honey-do list. Oy ...

March 13, 2009 3:01 AM  
Blogger FranIAm said...

Spring means hope to me.

That and way more cat hair in the house for awhile!

March 13, 2009 3:11 AM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

You can't fool us Fred you are just waiting for the baby birds. Maybe you will share with Martini.

March 13, 2009 6:22 AM  
Blogger Randal Graves said...

Spring means loud motorcycles and chumps barreling up and down the street blaring their damn car radios. (Not all that) sorry to be a spoilsport. ;-)

March 13, 2009 8:05 AM  
Blogger Matty Boy said...

We had a real spring day yesterday, temperatures in the low 70s. Back to winter for the weekend, temperatures in the low 60s.

We are incredibly spoiled here in Northern California.

March 13, 2009 8:11 AM  
Blogger Sewmouse said...

Fred Dear, I sense a certain distain in your tone regarding the squeaky toys. Don't cats like squeaky toys too?

Kili and Mindi love the Pumpkin Toy, and it has a squeaky in it. They bring it upstairs, I kick it back down, it squeaks. 5 min. later it is back at the top of the stairs again.

March 13, 2009 9:05 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Enjoy your weekend! I think we've got some piddling nasty weather coming, but oh well - we need the rain.

March 13, 2009 9:30 AM  
Blogger mommanator said...


March 13, 2009 9:41 AM  
Blogger dguzman said...

Fred, you really nailed it: baby birds, flowers, and warmer air every day. I'd add lots of green bursting out of the trees to that list as well.

I'd love to lie on the back porch with ya sometime and watch it all happen.

Be nice to Martini, and have a great weekend, Fred!

March 13, 2009 10:14 AM  
Blogger two crows said...

not to be a spoilsport -- I do love spring.
still, right now the live-oaks are POURING pollen all over us. this time of year my silver truck turns green.

AND right now is spring break. the traffic is so awful that I haven't ventured out this week.

NEXT week I'll love spring again. really.

March 13, 2009 2:57 PM  
Blogger Lulu Maude said...


Oh, yes, spring! We'll see spring about May 1 here in Vermont.

I'm looking forward to getting back out to the greenhouse and shaking things up. This is the first early spring for the greenhouse, so it'll be all about seeing how much earlier we can do spring things... or not.

March 13, 2009 6:34 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Spring can mean only one thing:

Enjoy your weekend and be nice to Martini

March 14, 2009 5:20 AM  
Blogger Cujo359 said...

Out here, Spring means the precipitation is warmer. Have a good weekend, little fella.

March 14, 2009 1:21 PM  
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