Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Charmer

I am so tired of the Olympics coverage. I just can’t get into it or sincerely care. So last night as an escape we took Martini to the pet supply store to purchase a mesh harness for him. The mesh takes the pressure away from his throat if he pulls on the leash. While we were there I heard a little girl’s voice saying to her mom, “Oh mom, look at that!”. I turned to see what she was talking about and then I knew. I was holding Martini in my arms and she was looking at what I was holding. She started walking toward us with a look of amazement on her face. As she slowly approached, I told her she was welcome to pet him and he wouldn’t hurt her. She lightly touched his head and then began to pet him. She was staring at him as though he were some magical wonderful creature. She continued to pet him gently and look into his eyes. After about three or four minutes she placed both her hands on his head and brought his nose down so she could kiss it. Then she turned around and started to leave the store, when she got to the door she turned and waved a little wave to him. Martini the lady charmer strikes again. Whether it is elderly ladies or little girls, he can charm them all and he’s so gentle with his charm.