Monday, June 06, 2011

Getting Ready for Fun

With just a little under two weeks until we head for the west coast of Florida, it’s really difficult for me to think of much of anything else. Whether it’s Palin’s rewritten history of Paul Revere or Congressman Weiner and his problems, I just laugh and move on.

Of course with a vacation coming up I have been stimulating the economy as much as possible. Which is more fun, getting ready for the vacation or the vacation itself? That’s a difficult question for me to answer.

Martini will be going with us and of course Fred the Cat will be at the vet’s facilities. The good news is our vet has a brand new facility and she went all green with the fixtures and the entire building. So Fred will have a brand new place to stay designed especially for cats. He’s feeling pretty special about his own get away.

My mind is not really on current events right now but more on future events and a whole lot of fun in the sun.


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