Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Hatch-day, little fellow!

This little black skimmer chick hatched yesterday morning on Daytona Beach. These birds are normally colonial nesters but last year a male and female nested alone in this exact same area, so biologists are guessing that this little guy’s mom and dad may well be that same couple. I guess they liked the solitary nesting on Daytona Beach and returned for another visit. As you can see his parent tosses away his shell as this brand new little chick looks on.

This area of the beach has been cordoned off to protect the feathered family until the chicks are grown and the family moves on.

Now, wasn’t that nicer than thinking about the ills of the world today?


Thanks to the folks at FreeLance Images for taking the photos and sending them to Mr. Pop.


Blogger Fixer said...

Now, wasn’t that nicer than thinking about the ills of the world today?

Most certainly. Thanks POP!

July 22, 2008 2:42 AM  
Blogger ZILLA said...

What ills?

What world?

July 22, 2008 3:52 AM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

Thanks for the nature break PoP. Much nicer than seeing a picture of McSame this morning.

July 22, 2008 4:00 AM  
Blogger FranIAm said...


July 22, 2008 4:23 AM  
Blogger Sherry said...

a grand way to start the day. thanks!

July 22, 2008 5:19 AM  
Blogger Jazz said...

Much much nicer...

July 22, 2008 5:24 AM  
Blogger two crows said...

thanx for the break, PoP!
the world is a beautiful place after all.

July 22, 2008 5:31 AM  
Blogger Randal Graves said...

As I was reading, I was about to ask whether they were protected from the evil predator that is man. Glad that's the case!

July 22, 2008 6:10 AM  
Blogger Dr Zibbs said...

My favorite bird is the Blue footed boobie. (tee-hee - he said boobie)

July 22, 2008 6:20 AM  
Blogger robin andrea said...

Made my day. Thanks for that.

July 22, 2008 7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PoP, I agree. Right now, I can't think of a nicer image than that. Thanks for sharing it. :~)

July 22, 2008 7:46 AM  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

Thanks, I needed that! Whew.

July 22, 2008 8:14 AM  
Blogger Unconventional Conventionist said...


July 22, 2008 9:08 AM  
Blogger Mariamariacuchita said...

Lovely pictures with a happy ending.

July 22, 2008 9:59 AM  
Blogger an average patriot said...

Beautiful Thanks! Glad they did that! Daytona is a beautiful beach but as you know very active at times!

July 22, 2008 11:56 AM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

very beautiful..inspiring....New life is always good...

July 22, 2008 12:29 PM  
Blogger Forty Paws said...

Awwww. How sweet!!!

Luf, Us

July 22, 2008 3:23 PM  
Blogger mommanator said...

How nice the folks in Daytona are actually protecting them! I'm impressed!

July 22, 2008 7:32 PM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

Nice change of pace, for sure. If it weren't for the birds, chipmonks, rabbits, and other such wldlife outside the window of the dungeon of Doom and Dr. Pepper, I would have gone postal on the lot of this corrupt state by now.


July 23, 2008 4:27 AM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

July 23, 2008 4:28 AM  
Blogger Dr. Know said...

(sp) chipmunks...wildlife... Doh!

July 23, 2008 4:29 AM  
Blogger dguzman said...

Aw, PoP--you're the best.

July 23, 2008 10:59 AM  
Blogger Matty Boy said...

Hey, PoP. I've been a little busy this week and curtailing my web surfing activities. I missed a lot of great stuff here. I love the skimmer pics.

July 25, 2008 11:34 AM  

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