Thursday, March 08, 2007

Virtual Group Intervention

Let’s have a virtual group intervention for president bush. He’s sitting here in this chair and you each get to tell him the harm his presidency had caused you, our country, or whatever you think he needs to hear to persuade him to change his ways.

Go for it.


Blogger niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Mr Bush, You have failed in every attempt at being a U.S. Leader. You failed to bring the true plotters behind the September 11 attacks to justice. Your abuse of power in Iraq is criminal. You have helped Al Qaeda gain more ground worldwide. You must be working with Osama Bin Laden, because you continue to do his work for him. Your destroying the U.S. far better than he could, bankrupting the U.S., mocking our U.S. Constitution, shredding the military, killing his, getting Saddam executed on a personal vendetta, deceiving the U.S. citizens on the reasons for Iraq, and on and on and on...........

You have failed. You need to step down. You cannot handle the job we have given you. It is time to start acting like a man, and admit that you have not been successful in anything you've tried to accomplish since becoming the "Leader" of the U.S., you are a sham. You've destroyed the credibilty and ethics of the U.S. It is immoral for you to continue on in your position. You are FIRED. History we see you as a black spot, an evil time, in the history of the U.S.

Mr. President, I'm trying to keep this decent. RESIGN NOW!

/** Gee those words come so easy, I'm I'm usually a pretty quiet person **/

March 08, 2007 4:20 AM  
Blogger Coffee Messiah said...

It's all been said, ad nauseum, for the last 5 yrs, hence:

Do the country and the World a big favor & Resign now.........

March 08, 2007 4:36 AM  
Blogger JM said...

Great idea, especially if it's one of those interventions where you get to hit with those large foam tubes although I'd prefer something harder. But a key factor in any intervention is that the subject buys into the message, and this bozo just will not listen to anything that doesn't conform to his distorted version of reality.

March 08, 2007 5:02 AM  
Blogger bluegrrrrl said...

Wipe the smirk off your face and stop killing people, jackass.

March 08, 2007 5:03 AM  
Blogger Peacechick Mary said...

Mr. Bush, excuse me while I vomit because being in the same room with you is sickening. You have done everything within your power to destroy any shred of trust the people have in this government. Trust us now. We've had enough of you. Shut up, go away and stay away.

March 08, 2007 5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, I'll never be able to look at the issue of nukuler weapons quite the same again.


March 08, 2007 5:40 AM  
Blogger Omnipotent Poobah said...

Can we smack him with a stick too? You know, give him a little "tough love".

March 08, 2007 6:10 AM  
Anonymous Pax Romano said...

I say we give him a case of beer, a couple of lines of coke, and a bag of pretzels and then film it; post it on YouTube and let the actions speak.

March 08, 2007 6:14 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

I think his wife should intervene.

With a 45

March 08, 2007 6:55 AM  
Blogger Darwin's Dagger said...

Hey, George, here's a time machine and a condom. Go back to the moment of your conception and do the right thing.

March 08, 2007 7:06 AM  
Blogger robin andrea said...

I can't bring myself to say anything. He'd just smirk and laugh. He'd mock me the way he mocked Carla Fay Tucker. There's no one inside him to talk to. He's a stone-cold man. No brain, no heart in a body with a mouth that moves.

March 08, 2007 7:20 AM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

ya listenin' troop? you've fucked it all up. it's over. done. there's nothing left to surge with. gone. you've failed. again. daddy can't save you. mommy can't help. get your fucking ass up off that chair. stand up and go to the desk. there's a blank piece of paper there to write your resignation. there's also a .45 that's loaded and waiting for you to do the right thing. in case you're wondering why it has to come to this. it's because this is the only way i can ask somebody to be the last man to die for a mistake. now get out of my sight.

March 08, 2007 8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Bush,

you have made conspiracy theorists legitmate thinkers these days.

March 08, 2007 9:16 AM  
Blogger Karen McL said...

Sheesh...just how many YEARS have you got to listen to my complaints about this ass-hole?!?


Let's not go there - and just say we did, ok?

March 08, 2007 9:33 AM  
Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Let me put this so simply even you may understand it.

You're in over your head. Period. The people telling you what a great job you are doing? Guess what? They are also in over their heads.

You need to get over craving the mental blowjobs and start listening to people with real-world experience. You won't like what you hear, but there is no other way to even start to undo what you've done.

March 08, 2007 10:56 AM  
Blogger angry ballerina said...

1. Darwins Dagger, funny!
2. Dear Mr Bush,
I would just like to take this time to thank you for all the hard work you have been doing manipulating the American public. It must be so hard to be you. And I would also like to thank you for setting our country back X amount of years economically. Also, I would also like to thank you for giving the go-ahead for the Admin to dock my Ex's hazard pay during his first tour in Iraq. I would also like to congratulate you on making all Americans stateside and abroad look like complete and utter assholes during this time. Good job, keep up the good work.
Angry Ballerina

March 08, 2007 12:20 PM  
Blogger TomCat said...

Dear Mr. Bush. Would you please step down and pursue a career in the manufacture of gates, an area in which you have shown true talent:

USAttorneygate name just a few,

March 08, 2007 1:31 PM  
Blogger Pogo said...

If I were a Canadian, you would make me proud to be one. I've spent the better part of my adult life being proud to be a citizen of a country that was founded onthe concept of individual freedom, which after two hundred thirty some odd years you have found a way to minimize as insignificant rights, subrogated to your arrogance and need for personal power. Quite simply,you are an insecure asshole and I wish you would find something other than my country to fuck up while you try and prove that you're not the pussy you've spent your entire life showing everyone you are.

March 08, 2007 1:32 PM  
Blogger C-dell said...

Bush does need this

March 08, 2007 1:58 PM  
Blogger Aaron A. said...

"Death(bush) be not Proud..."

March 08, 2007 2:37 PM  
Blogger The Truffle said...

Dear President Bush,

I hope you live a long, long time. You deserve it. I'm aware that you are obsessed with having a legacy. Don't worry, Mr. President. You will have a legacy. And I hope you live for another 40-50 years, just so you can see what that legacy is.

I mean, your term isn't even over and already you're considered to be the worst president in America's history. Worse than Buchanan. Worse than Harding. Under your leadership, America has witnessed a stunning combination of snarling venality, pathological hatred of the best this country has to offer, disdain for reality, and mind-boggling, jaw-dropping incompetence.

Your presidency has been marked by the sort of evil, corruption, and sheer stupidity that would make rinky-dink dictators of Third World hellholes look like enlightened leaders. You took all that loyalty and goodwill that came after 9/11 and you abused America's trust. You abused her military resources.

Your "war on terror" was a lie. You never had any intention of fighting any war on terror. You just wanted to follow the whims of assorted neocon goons with more graduate degrees than intelligence.

Rest assured, your successors will likely undo everything you've done in 8 years of government mismanagement. You will stand as an example of how not to run a country. Your and your party will be examples of how partisanship can come very, very close to destroying a country. Chances are, most of those paid administration shills, neocon losers, brainless pundits, and sociopathic hate preachers will be forgotten by history--if they're lucky.

But you, President Bush? You and your cast of idiots will be remembered. Oh boy will you be remembered. And hopefully, you will live long enough to see your presidency put in its proper historical context when future generations talk about a president who fancied himself a despot and in the process came close to destroying the United States of America.

Here's to good health and a long life, Mr. President.

March 08, 2007 2:52 PM  
Blogger betmo said...

pop honey- unless you are christ almighty- he can't hear you! and even then- i'm doubtful.

March 08, 2007 4:10 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

I would be all for it, but he would make that chimpy smirk one time and I would punch him in the head!

Besides, yelling at the puppet won't help...We need to smack-down Mr. Cheney...The puppetmaster himself.

March 08, 2007 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

Dear George,

The fact that you have sat in the White House for the last six years without any regard for the average American is appalling. You have served up only your own personal interest at the cost of the middle and working class.

You are a horrible person. And if you want to continue this war, you should send your own children and pay for it with your own money. I am certainly through playing your games. That's right. I worked out my taxes this year that I got every single dime back. I refuse to pay for your war!



March 08, 2007 4:23 PM  
Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

You screwed my country, you screwed my state, and you screwed my constitution. I will never forgive you and I hope GOD takes you soon. Please have a heart attack for the sake of mankind!

March 08, 2007 5:51 PM  
Blogger beachblogger said...

dear Mr. BUSH,

i quit my job because i could stand the stupidity, stubbornness and corruption in the military, industrial government complex.

i want my country back!

peace, peter

March 08, 2007 6:11 PM  
Blogger PoliShifter said...

Whatever I think he needs to hear to persuade him to change his ways?

I'd take him to tour the piles of body parts as Iraqi mothers sift through them trying to identify their children except I think he might find it amusing...

Rendered Speechless:

When we got there, we were given his remains. And remains they were. From the waist down was all they could give us. “We identified him by the cell phone in his pants’ pocket. If you want the rest, you will just have to look for yourselves. We don’t know what he looks like.”

Now begins a horror that surpasses anything I could have possibly envisioned . We were led away, and before long a foul stench clogged my nose and I retched. With no more warning we came to a clearing that was probably an inside garden at one time; all round it were patios and rooms with large-pane windows to catch the evening breeze Baghdad is renowned for. But now it had become a slaughterhouse, only instead of cattle, all around were human bodies. On this side; complete bodies; on that side halves; and EVERYWHERE body parts.

We were asked what we were looking for, “ upper half” replied my companion, for I was rendered speechless. “Over there”. We looked for our boy’s broken body between tens of other boys’ remains’; with our bare hands sifting them and turning them.

March 08, 2007 7:10 PM  
Blogger Anon-Paranoid said...

Herr Bush,
I want to let you know that no matter where you go in the world one day you will pay for your War Crimes.

Even your property in a foreign country will not save you. Just like Hitlers Gestapo and minions you will be found and rendered to the Hague to stand trial for your crimes.

And unlike the sham trial Saddam Hussein received and the sham trials your giving to captured people on and off the battlefield the evidence used against you will not be hearsay, obtained by torture or witness's hidden behind closed curtains.

They will face you in an open court and in case you forgot, there is plenty of evidence already gathered to be used in your trial.

I want you to remember every night when you lay down too sleep and dream that after your trial you will be walked to the gallows for you to receive your final judgment. I want you too see in your dreams them putting the noose around your neck and as you stand there know that in a very short split second the trap door beneath your feet will open and you will drop through that door on your way to face your maker.

He is waiting for you and has a special place already reserved for you in Hell where you belong.

I pray to my Lord that this happens sooner rather than later. And may the Lord have mercy on your soul, though I doubt he will.

March 08, 2007 8:25 PM  
Anonymous pekka said...

Mr. President, I am delighted to have finally met you! Sir, you are the person who changed my previously miserable life and I thank you for it!

All my life, I have realized that I am not quite as fast in my thinking than the rest of the folks. My mother kept telling me that there is no way that I could ammount to anything. "You, poor Pekka, are just too dumb to become somebody", she used to say. Mr. President, your shining example about how far
one can go without the brains is simply inspirational. I take this opportunity, Mr.President, on behalf of the rest of the world's nincompoops, to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude!

March 08, 2007 8:28 PM  
Blogger Mimus Pauly said...

Mr. President -- and I use that term out of respect for the office you hold, not for you -- I'll keep this brief because exposure to you for more than five minutes will render me dangerously ill...

This piece of paper in my hand contains the terms of your resignation, effective immediately. I need not explain to you why your immediate departure is necessary for the greatest good of our country you've snickeringly claimed to have served with pride for the last six-odd years; it's all spelled out on this here sheet. All you have to do is sign your name on its dotted line, and your resignation is a done deal.

No more photo-ops, no more signing statements, no more backslapping, no more nervous chuckling, no more smirking, no more bullying, no more questioning the patriotism or resolve of anyone who has ever taken offense toward any of the treasonous acts you have cravenly committed while wrapped in the Stars and Strips and brandishing a perverse juxtaposition of the dollar sign and the cross. And above all, no more lies.

Your bubble has burst. I know you're upset. But look on the bright side, Mr. President: This will gradually make you a little more of the man you always wanted to be. You see, even though your bubble meant everything in the world to you, even though you loved that bubble with every fiber of your being, not once, not even for a second, did that bubble ever love you back.

You can't whitewash your legacy, Mr. President, for the same reason you can't lie to God. However, much like you can still ask God for forgiveness, you have an opportunity to end your disastrous presidency on a positive note.

Here's the paper. Sign it. And then get up and leave this office for the last time.


March 08, 2007 8:44 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

In his presence, I'd be struck dumb and have to resort to sign language. I reckon my hands around his throat followed by my boot up his bum should just about get my meaning across!

I'd kick him in the balls too but I don't think he's got any!

P.S. I'll put your blog on my Special Links, Patricia. Take care now.

March 08, 2007 9:57 PM  
Blogger Not Your Mama said...

1. My son-in-law suffered complete pancreatic failure because of your war and the mandatory anthrax vaccine. Then...

2. He's had to fight tooth and nail just to get medical treatment.

3. My daughter had to leave her 6 month old baby and now insulin-dependant husband for deployment. She was raped and beaten by a foreign national while she was there and is now struggling to hold her marriage and her life together but....

3. You want to deploy her again after less than 6 months.

Drop dead George. I'll buy her a ticket to Canada. Have Jenna fill in for her, m'kay?

Is that personal enough? I could go on but those are just some of my personal highlights.

March 09, 2007 1:40 PM  
Blogger Rez Dog said...

George, you worthless sack of shit. You have befouled the presidency and my country. God damn you. God damn you.

March 09, 2007 6:17 PM  
Blogger Snave said...

Mr. Bush, I respect your office but I don't respect you personally. I support the troops but I don't support the way you use them. I support the concept of world peace but I think your concept of it comes right out of "1984".

It hasn't seemed real, it hasn't been nice, and it hasn't been real nice.

Don't let the door hit your dumb ass on your way out. Please leave, NOW!

March 12, 2007 12:25 AM  

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