Friday, May 04, 2012


I just happened to glance out the window this morning in time to see a full grown bobcat walking across my neighbor’s drive. This neighbor live across the street from me. At first I stared in fascination and then I realized, oh my god, that is a bobcat. When we first moved into this house about 11 years ago we saw one beside our house as we were returning home from shopping. So this was not a really rare sighting but considering how the neighborhood has built up over the years, it was a surprise. I am happy as can be to see there is some native wildlife still in existence in this area but at the same time I do have to think about this when I take Martini out on his leash before sunrise and after dark. I just hope the bobcat is as afraid of me as I am of him.


Blogger Sewmouse said...

Dad used to live in one of those "gated communities" down there - and there was an alligator that lived in one of the ponds on the property.

I wouldn't go for a walk past that pond for all the tea in china!

May 07, 2012 2:15 PM  
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