Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney blew it then and now

Romney blew a very important and teachable moment. He should have owned what he did and then go on to say how terribly hurtful bullying is for the person being bullied. He could say that at the time he was a kid doing a foolish thing but in retrospect he realizes it was so wrong. He could say for the rest of his life he will regret what he did. This might ring a bell with some kids as well as some adults. As it is now, he is still a bully refusing to accept responsibility for his actions. That half-assed apology just makes him look like a jerk. If it sounds like a jerk, it's most likely a jerk. Anyone who thinks kids don't remember crap done to them in high school is just wrong, at least in my opinion. Roger, I remember the terrible thing you said to me in the eighth grade and it still hurts when I think about it

Friday, May 04, 2012


I just happened to glance out the window this morning in time to see a full grown bobcat walking across my neighbor’s drive. This neighbor live across the street from me. At first I stared in fascination and then I realized, oh my god, that is a bobcat. When we first moved into this house about 11 years ago we saw one beside our house as we were returning home from shopping. So this was not a really rare sighting but considering how the neighborhood has built up over the years, it was a surprise. I am happy as can be to see there is some native wildlife still in existence in this area but at the same time I do have to think about this when I take Martini out on his leash before sunrise and after dark. I just hope the bobcat is as afraid of me as I am of him.