Monday, March 28, 2011


When did we begin speaking of vegetables as “veggies”? It makes them sound like they are sweet little things like puppies and kitties. How did vegetables become our sweet little buddy things while meats are not "meaties" and fruits are not "fruities"?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Driver’s License Saga Continues

I went to the eye doctor today and what a surprise. Even without my glasses my eyes are strong enough to have passed the driver’s license eye test. He did prescribe a tad stronger lens for my right eye but that was just because he said things at a distance would appear a bit “crisper” to me. It was such a slight change that he didn’t even encourage me to change the prescription in my sunglasses.

So next week when I get the new lens I will go back to the driver’s license office with the form the doctor filled out and see if the third time of trying is a charm.

To quote my eye doctor the guy at the driver’s license office is just “messing” with me and if I want him too, my doctor said he would go along with me next time.

Hopefully that won’t be necessary. But it’s nice to have a professional on my side.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Frustration and Bad Luck

No big things are happening around here but a bunch of little ones are driving me crazy. I have been trying to renew my drivers license for over two weeks and each time I go down to renew them the man I have to deal with finds something more he wants me to do before he will issue them to me. First he questioned my birth certificate, So I had to go to the safety deposit box and retrieve it. For a bit there I knew how the President felt regarding his birth certificate. A copy was not acceptable.

When I brought in my papers the second time the same man decided I might not have passed the vision test so he sent me to my eye doctor for his analysis and that will be done this week.

The thing is every time I go to try to get my license I have to start at the very beginning and go through all the stuff I have gone through before. On top of all this bs, the guy keeps tossing out questions at random to try to rattle me. Just out of the blue last time he asked, “Where were you born?”.

I really think this guy thinks he should be working security in an Israeli airport. I’m betting he goes home at night and enjoys thinking about his astute security approach to renewing freaking drivers license.

Oh, and yesterday as I hit the flush lever on the toilet I heard something fall into the water. It was one of my very nice gold hoop earrings. Now that earring lives in our septic tank.

How has your luck been lately?.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Spring is in the air here in south Florida and of course a trip to get flowers for the backyard was a must today. Mr. Pop is an avid gardener and loves to spend time making the backyard his canvas each spring. Martini went with us to get the flowers and as you can see here, he took time to smell some of them before they became members of the 2011 backyard art.

Monday, March 07, 2011

New Suit vs. Garage Sale

While the Republicans want to take food and warmth from poor people in order to cut the budget, the President is saying we need to invest more into our country for a better long time outcome.

This is like a family and the father has lost his job. Let’s say they are several thousand dollars in debt on their credit card. Dad believes he has a better chance at a good job if he goes to the interview in a suit rather than the only thing he has, jeans and t-shirts. Yeah, the family may go another hundred or more in debt but if the money spent for the suit brings the results intended, then the whole credit card debt may be repaid faster.

The President wants to buy a suit for the country while the Republicans think the father should sell what few clothes he has at a yard sale.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Donald Trump?

Before Martini falls asleep he likes to fool around with his hair to get that Donald Trump look.