Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dog half in the Bag

A couple of years ago someone gave me a Christmas gift and it came in a red satin bag. This year “Santa” decided to put all Martini’s Christmas presents in that bag and let him go in after them if he were not too afraid.

As you can see from the photo, he wasn’t frightened at all. As he would fetch each new toy from the bag he would take it into the bedroom and then come back to see if there were more. At one point he pulled his head out of the bag and proceeded to drag the whole thing into the bedroom. I guess efficiency is another of his many talents.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Little Dog Waits for Santa

I’m sorry I can’t post Martini’s Santa picture right now. They printed out the picture where it was taken and as of now I have no scanner to put it into my computer. Instead I thought you might like this little picture of Martini taken today under the tree as he waits for Santa’s arrival tonight.

From Martini and his family to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I saw Martini Kissing Santa Claus

Yesterday we had to run some errands and we decided to take Martini with us. One of our stops was a pet supply store. We put Martini in the shopping cart and entered the store. Much to our surprise we saw a very handsome Santa Claus and quickly discovered he was posing with pets for Christmas pictures. Mr. Pop and I looked at each other and decided, “Why not?”.

After a short wait in line Martini’s time arrived. I handed Martini off to Santa and Santa spoke so sweet and kind to Martini that Martini took to him immediately. With some prompting using a squeaky toy, Martini kind of doggie smiled for the photographer.

With his moment before the camera over, I went to take Martini from Santa’s arms. Just as I reached for Martini he looked up at Santa and licked or as we say, he kissed Santa Claus on the nose. So we didn’t see Mama Kissing Santa Claus but we did see Martini doing it. And yes at that moment the Santa did say out loud, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” He also told Martini that he would treat him special on Christmas Eve.

Who says there is no magic at this time of year?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Now I know how Santa feels every year. This weekend we purchased the bike I talked about in my previous post. It’s beautiful and wonderful. It’s a couple of shades of pink and sparkly. I can’t imagine any little five year old girl not loving it. The theme of the bike is the Disney Princesses and we found the helmet to match. On the handle bars there is a little princess pouch so I tucked a small Hello Kitty doll inside. When she unzips the pouch there will be a little surprise for her.

I won’t be able to see her face when she finds this bike by her tree on Christmas morning but I can remember what I would have felt had I been so fortunate when I was her age. Everyone remembers the Christmas they received their first bike and I will always remember the Christmas this little girl received hers.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bike Buying Buzz

Saturday we will be buying a shiny new bike with training wheels for a little five year old girl whom we have never seen or met. We will be the Santa for her this Christmas.

Mr. Pop’s lab employees again this year adopted a family for Christmas. They will be buying food and all sorts of wonderful things for a single mother and her three little girls. When one of the girls from the lab spoke with the mom over the phone the lady asked her to please not spend any money on her and instead use that money for a bike for her oldest little girl. When Mr. Pop and I heard about this we told the girl at the lab that she could count on us to buy the bike and a helmet.

So we are all a buzz about heading out Saturday morning to get this little girl her Christmas wish. Don’t tell anyone but chances are we will be picking up some things for her baby sisters as well.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Okay Santa, we're ready

The outside lights are on house. The tree is up and beautifully decorated by Mr. Pop. We are just about ready for Santa Claus.

Even Martini and Fred seem extra frisky these days. I don’t know if the friskiness is a result of the pending holidays or maybe it’s the cooler weather we are having now. Tonight the temperature is going to be in the mid thirties. For us here in Florida that’s cold.

I am trying my best to avoid as much political talk as possible because everything else is just too nice to be tainted with political poison.