Monday, August 31, 2009

Emotional Whiplash

I watched the wake for Senator Kennedy Friday night, the funeral Saturday and the Cheney interview Sunday morning on Fox. I went from crying in admiration of Senator Kennedy’s life and accomplishments to cursing Dick Cheney and everything he did and said. I think I have emotional whiplash.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Feral Cats + Cat Food + Heartbreak = Lessons Learned

June the eighth of this year I told you about three feral kittens that someone dumped at our home. I was trying to avoid getting involved with them because the outcome is almost always the same. However, Mr. Pop caved and brought home a bag of kitten food from the market.

Since that time I have fed them and done everything in my power to try to domesticate the cats. They would have none of it. A few weeks ago we were awaken to noises coming from the roof of our house. Upon inspection we found the three cats romping all around up there. They were climbing up the pool enclosure screen to the roof and spending their nights up there. Problem number one.

Last weekend as I was walking back up the driveway after retrieving the mail I happen to look up at our roof. I could see something that looked like little pieces of tree branches up there. I asked Mr. Pop if he would please get the ladder and see what these objects were. He did and just as I feared, the things I was seeing was cat poop. The cats were using our roof not only as a playground but also as a sand box. They were scratching the coating off the shingles and using it as sand. Problem number two. (no pun intended)

We were faced with a dilemma. We could trap all the cats and get them neutered, but then we would have three neutered feral cats that we would have to release and god only knows what would happen to them next, plus there would be no way to keep them off the roof just because they were sterile. Option one.

We could do the humane and common sense thing, trap the cats and call Animal Control. Option two.

Now here’s where it gets sticky. Since the day Mr. Pop bought that bag I cat food I have been the one feeding the cats and trying to tame them. Mr. Pop was pretty much out of the picture. I had taken one of my animal crates out there and gotten them to the point they would walk inside it and eat. I just couldn’t be too close by. Each day for the past two weeks I would stay a little closer to the crate each day and finally last Friday morning I was close enough to bend down really fast and slam the door shut on the crate. I wasn’t fast enough to catch all three but I had two. I called Mr. Pop at work and told him the situation. Did he want me to call Animal Control to come get the two cats. He said absolutely. I asked him a couple more times because I didn’t want this decision left as only my decision. We both agreed it was the right thing to do. About fifteen minutes later the officer arrived and was so amazingly nice and understanding as he put the cats in his truck talking calmly to them all the while.

Now with one cat left that would never even come close to trusting me again, I needed a new approach. I talked to a lady at the Animal Control office and she said an officer would bring out, bait with cat food and set a Have-a-Heart trap. If the cat did enter the trap it would not in any way be injured.

Wednesday morning of this week at 11:30am the officer arrived with the trap, set it up and explained to me how to re-bait it if needed. At 12:15pm the cat went into the trap and the door shut. I called Animal Control and within 15 minutes they were here and picked up the cat and the trap. I cannot express to you how wonderful those people at Animal Control were during this whole heartbreaking ordeal.

So here’s the moral of the story and Mr. Pop would agree with it all the way. He brought the cat food here, but in the end it was me who had to devise a way to get the cats away. I was the one who had to look into their frightened faces in the carrier and the trap. In other words what Mr. Pop started was left up to me to carry out and deal with the many feelings of guilt along with tears.

We have made a promise to one another now. We will never feed another feral cat. If a domesticated cat should show up at our door, we will do our best to find it a home.

The other lesson we both learned is that neither of us should start something that the other one has to finish. We both agree, it’s just not fair to anyone.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Good and The Bad

The good news, as of Tuesday, is that 36 companies have stopped running their ads on the Glenn Beck show.
The bad news is that his show is still being aired on Fox.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Sad Day

Today begins another sad day for the Kennedy family and for our country.

Rest in peace, Senator Kennedy and thank you for being a true statesman for our country.
We will miss you. In fact, we already do.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It was sad

Yesterday was the first day of school in my county and it was sad. It was sad because the little kids who walked by my house every morning for the past couple of years on their way to the school bus stop are gone. Due to whatever reason so many houses in my neighborhood are sitting empty. Those kids from previous years are all somewhere else today. I wonder how they are, where they are and what happened that they had to leave the home they grew up in as little tots.

This is one aspect of the mortgage foreclosure, job loss, business loss part of this recession that I hadn’t seen yet. There were no kids at the bus stop yesterday morning and for so many reasons, it was sad.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Great Adventure for Martini

Yesterday we took Martini with us on a drive over to the beach to see the swells rolling in as a result of Hurricane Bill breezing by out in the Atlantic last week. Well, by yesterday things had calmed down and there wasn’t much out of the ordinary. On the way home we stopped at Mr. Pop’s lab for a pit stop for me. Two of the female biologist were there working.

When we went in with Martini in tow, lots of female biologists’ love came gushing out for him. The little dude really is a magnet when ladies are around. Plus he’s a real ham and just gets all wiggly with all the attention.

So now Martini has seen where his dad spends his days. And also he knows the ladies who work for his dad love little dogs. Had he had the run of the place, he probably would have discovered some interesting scents. Marine biology labs tend to have some interesting smells on occasion, the kind we would not find attractive but a dog might find very enticing.

Martini should be keeping a diary of the new and interesting places he is discovering. Next month he’s going on a mini vacation to Amelia Island on the northeast coast of Florida. I think he likes this traveling thing, especially as long as he’s with Mr. Pop and me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Maybe they will listen to a cat

To the birthers, deathers, and overall goof balls, let me tell you something. You won’t listen to or believe intelligent human beings so maybe you’ll listen to an ex-alley cat.

Here goes so pay attention. The black man in the oval office is not going to take the following away from you. He isn’t going to take away all your guns. He isn’t gonna pull the plug on your granny. He isn’t coming after your booze or your remote control or your duct tape, or your plastic sheeting and he’s not even going to take away those little fake testicles that are hanging from the trailer hitch of your truck. He isn’t going to come after any ducking thing. What he is trying to do is improve your ducking life by giving you decent health care at a decent price. You seem to be saying that he’s trying to give you such an awful kind of health care that it will be a resounding success and the ducking insurance companies will suffer. Think about that one for a while.

Oh and one more thing. He is just as much white as he is black. Very similar to yours truly.

Have a great ducking weekend

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

They wanted ice cream and didn’t get it

Short of giving the oval office to John McCain I can’t think of a thing the President could do to make the Republicans stop throwing fits like spoiled children who were refused when they demanded ice cream.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Thank you to everyone who has been huffing and puffing to help us keep Hurricane Bill away from the east coast. Please keep up the good work until the rascal has made his serious turn to the north and then hopefully he’ll just blow himself out to sea.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vick Did his Time in Prison

Yes, Michael Vick served his time in prison but as a person he will always suck, in my opinion. Fred the Cat and Martini agree.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthcare Riddle

What do you call it when you have cancer and your insurance company finds some loop hole that they feel will allow them to cancel your coverage? Could the people in the insurance company who came up with that reason to justify canceling your coverage be called a “death panel”?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Is it the breeding process?

Humans are a puzzle to me. They are now offered the opportunity to get better health care for less money and some of them are fighting it all the way. I thought humans had something called common sense. Has that been bred out of you guys?

Have a great weekend and keep it cool

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Information Gathering or Grandstanding?

I suggest they cancel these town hall meetings all together. They are nothing more than a stage for birthers, deathers, and tea baggers to grandstand.

Nothing of importance is happening at these meetings and a quick phone call to a representative or senator would probably garner more information on health care reform than spending three hours at one of these meetings.

Cancel the meetings and allow the anger and rage to settle down before someone gets hurt. As long as there is a spotlight and a microphone someone will take the opportunity to try to grab their fifteen seconds of fame whether the anger and rage is sincere or dramatized. Nothing is coming out of these meetings but misinformation and danger. We don’t need either right now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking a loaded gun to a protest

I’m sure by now you have all seen the picture of the guy with a loaded gun strapped on his leg at the protest in New Hampshire, near where the President was speaking. The guy was on Hardball last night and said his gun was loaded. According to New Hampshire laws it was legal as an eagle for him to bring his loaded gun as long as he was on private property, in this case it was on church grounds.

Let’s be honest, no matter the local laws do any us of think if a man had brought a loaded gun to a protest where bush was speaking that he would have been harassed if not taken away? As I recall people wearing anti bush t-shirts to places where bush was speaking were told to leave. Things surely have changed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What was that line?

Yesterday morning I finally got to read the piece in Time Magazine, August 3, 2009 edition about the last days in the White House and the relationship at that time between Bush and Cheney.

According to the piece by Massimo Calabresi and Michael Weisskopf, Cheney was pushing hard daily for Bush to pardon Libby. Even Libby himself met with Fielding to plea his own case but because Libby showed no signs of contrition, Fielding did not feel that Libby should get the pardon and Bush agreed.

There were a couple of lines toward the end of the piece that really caught my eye. They were in regard to Cheney trying everything in his power to convince Bush to pardon Libby. The two lines were: “The Vice President knew there was a line out there that he was getting very close to but couldn’t cross” says a former senior official. ‘The President knew that he needed to help make sure Cheney didn’t cross that line either.’”

What was that line and why were each of them so fearful of it?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Freakin’ Freaks

I’m sure by now you have heard the freakin’ freaks on the right say that the new health care plan will allow the government to euthanize the elderly.

I can’t believe that euthanasia it even a topic of serious discussion. Stuff like this is what drives people like you and me crazy. The republicans might as well say that humans can impregnate animals. Of course it’s not true, but apparently if a republican says it, then it must be a fact, whether or not it’s supported by true data.

It seems to be working for them to keep repeating “euthanasia” just as it worked for them once when they kept repeating “WMD” and “mushroom cloud”. It’s unbelievable.

Friday, August 07, 2009

This is just embarrassing

As you know little mister fancy pants is back home from vacation with the Pops. Sure he’s sporting a new harness and leash but the little dude has a freakin’ t-shirt. I mean really, come on. Dogs aren’t supposed to wear clothes. And get this, he’s getting a football jersey to wear in the fall on the weekends during football season. Pop’s little dog she used to have, Murphy, had one too, but that one is way to large for fancy pants.

Did you hear what they brought me from the beach? A new collar. I mean it’s nice and all but it’s not like it makes up for me having to spend a week in stir…I mean the vet’s boarding facility.

Here’s the good part. Mr. Pop inspected the patio screens this week and realized over time I have pretty much destroyed six large panels of screen. That repair job will be at least a couple of hundred dollars if not more. See? Mr. Fancy Pants gets clothes and all but I get the big ticket item after all.

So while I am embarrassed to share a home with a dog that sometimes wears clothes, I think I may have gotten the better end of the deal.

Have a great weekend and just enjoy being home. I will!

Fred the Cat (the cat who loves you guys!)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

What a Moment

Yesterday morning when those two female reporters stepped off that plane from North Korea and into the arms of their family and friends, the tears flowed fast and freely here at my house. It was so happily emotional.

While of course the folks at Fox News felt an obligation to suggest that something nefarious had taken place in order to negotiate their release, I think the rest of us proudly watched with joy as our country did this without a gun being fired or a bomb being dropped.

I do have to wonder if we had a President McCain now, could this have had the same outcome with the same diplomacy?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Birthers are Funny

I know, I know they are crazy people who just can’t swallow the idea of a black man sitting at the desk in the oval office, but I can’t help but find them to be funny as hell. Sometimes they look almost pitiful in their struggle to change reality.

Why are they wasting their time trying to find the President’s birth certificate to prove he was born in Kenya? Haven’t they noticed the most obvious clue to his country of birth? Hello? Of course he was foreign born. Duh, he’s left handed.

Oh shit, now I’ve probably given them new ammunition for their pitiful little mission. Oh well, they are grasping at straws already so they would have probably gotten around to the south paw idea eventually.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It’s just noise

Last week while we were away I kept up very little with politics or the world in general. We watched hardly any TV and only bought one newspaper.

Now we are back home and into our normal routine, and I’ve discovered something. Not only did I not miss a thing last week, but the general talking head noise from our TV is just not healthy. Now it gets on my nerves more than it ever did.

That’s all it is, just noise made by people who have decided their opinions are so important that they want to share them with me and have me agree with them. I not only do not often agree with them, I just don’t need them. I’m an adult who can read so I’ll form my own opinions, thank you very much. Plus, as far as I’m concerned my not so in touch vacation will continue right here at my house. Have at it commentators on TV, no one here is listening and if I do hear you, I just don’t care what you have to say. I’m especially looking at you, Joe Scarborough.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Martini’s Great Adventure

The ride to the vacation cottage was three and a half hours. Martini had never ridden in the car that long. He was a total little trooper. We had this gizmo that connected his harness to the center seatbelt so he couldn’t fall off the seat. He sat between Mr. Pop and I and then just laid down and slept most of the trip. Once he whined to let us know he needed a pit stop. The rest of the time he was cool as a little Yorkie cucumber.

When we got to the cottage he sniffed around in every room to get his bearings. When I produced his bed and toys from home he seemed a bit confused but that lasted only seconds. He was in full play mode in no time.

He wasn’t crazy about being led too close to the Gulf water, but he totally got into the beach. We would pull two lounge chairs down on the beach for us and the little chair you see in the picture above for him. Mr. Pop set up the big beach umbrella for us and that, along with the breeze kept our little beach bum nice and cool. He was fascinated by the birds and the people. He would just sit or lay in his chair for hours observing all the goings on around him. He never barked or growled at anything, he just quietly observed.

The ride home was as pleasant with him as the ride over. The funny thing was when we walked him back into our home. He walked in cautiously, sniffing all along. When I called him into the bedroom and showed him his toy box, he went bananas. He was so happy he was wiggling and running all over the house. This little dog truly enjoyed his vacation and like us, he was also mighty glad to be home.

About the photo above, it was taken by a lady who runs a Yorkie rescue in another part of the state and she just happened to be staying at the same cottages that we were. She had two of her pet Yorkies with her so Martini had a couple of buddies to hang out with on the beach.

Martini’s great adventure was, for all concerned, a wonderful adventure. Oh, and how could he go on vacation without getting a little white doggie sleeveless t-shirt with the Sanibel Island logo on it. He also got a new harness and matching leash with little green sea turtles embroidered on each. Fred’s gonna be pissed because all he got was a new red collar with little white mice on it.